Michael and sister Janet Jackson are pictured leaving a Santa Maria Court Room in

California, this after Michael responds to charges for child molestation.

The jury later found Jackson not guilty of the charges.


Timothy Leary is shown supporting a beaming smile while being transported back to prison in a California

Menís Colony Transportation Car, this after spending another day in a San Luis Obispo County Courtroo

m to answer charges of escape form that California Institution some years earlier.  The shadow beneath Leary

appears as if someone is giving Leary the Kook- Kook sign when in reality it is that of his girlfriend, Joanna

Harcourtsmith who was extradited with Leary from Anthonís Greece after Leary escaped from prison.

When I asked Joanna why sheís giving Leary the kook-kook sign, she replied,Ē Iím not, were feeling each

others imposes, I have my arms stretched out and the only way Timothy can respond is with that smile, due

to his arms and hands being manacled to his waist.Ē



Assault victim points out to sheriff deputies the suspect that assaulted

him earlier, while deputies have several suspects laying face down

on the ground, as they search them for weapons.

Danny Beal, a Paramedic with San Luis Obispo Ambulance

is pictured giving mouth to mouth resuscitation in valiant

attempt to save a drowning victim who was pulled from the

 waters in Pismo Beach, California.




Martin Mendoza, pictured here with his attorney, Mr. McCormick as he awaits sentencing for the murder

of his father, Benjamin Mendoza, a local ranch slaughter who was a cash and carry individual who kept

his money in a safe at his residence in Paso Robles, California.Martin shot and killed his father, stole some

$300,000 and then took and buried his father in a shallow grave in Monterey County.  Martin Mendoza

made a plea deal where he would plea guilty for murdering his father in exchange for a eighteen to twenty

 five year prison sentence.



Doris Tate, mother of slain daughter Sharon Tate who was

murdered my Tex Watson of the Charles Manson gang is

pictured leaving the California Menís Colony State Prison

after appearing at Tex Watsonís parole board hearing, to

make sure the parole board denied his release.

Robert Thornberry, plant manager for the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant in

Avila Beach, California pictured briefing the news media at a scheduled

news conference during the planned occupation by demonstrators that

took place in 1981.



Governor Jerry Brown made an appearance at the Diablo Nuclear

Power Plant during the occupation by demonstrators in 1981.


National media converged in Santa Maria, California during the Michael Jackson

child molestation trial, pictured here clamoring for a photo of one of Jacksonís defense attorneys.


Rescue personal from The Paso Robles Fire Department along with local Department

of  Forestry personal responded to a traffic accident when a over sized pick up ran

over the top of a passenger car, trapping itís driver for the better part of an hour.

The driver was transported to a local hospital with moderate injuries.


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A local teenager lost his life on Union Road in Paso Robles, California after he

lost control of his car and hitting a large tree while speeding.

According to the California Highway Report.


California Highway Patrol make an arrest on Highway 101 North

bound near Templeton, California, following a high speed pursuit.


Drinking and driving and not wearing seat belts results in the

death of two men after losing control of their car.


A California Highway Patrolman is pictured carrying a small child away from

the car she was ridding in after it was involved in an accident.


Lawrence Singleton giving a jail house interview the day before being released from state prison.

The Men's colony "CMC" in San Luis Obispo County.  Singleton, on September 29, 1978,

picked up 15-year old Mary Vincent up hitchhiking, raped her and then hacked her forearms

off with a hatchet, throwing her off a 30 foot cliff.  She managed to pull herself up the cliff

and alerted a passerby who took her to a hospital.  By the time he was arrested, Vincent

was fitted with prosthetic arms.

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