National press converged on the small town of Paso Robes, California

following a 6.8 earth quake that struck on December 22, 2003

at approximately 1:15pm. with it's epic center said to be near

the town of San Simon, some 25 miles west of Paso Robles.



Governor tours damaged area of down town Paso Robles along with county and city officials.



CBS Satellite News Truck makes ready for a live broadcast from the earth quake

damaged area in Paso Robles, California



Cars along with two people buried under a pile of  bricks caused by the San Simon Earth Quake

which brought down a un reinforced structure in downtown Paso Robles, California.



Pan Jewelers along with a portion of the downtown area of Paso Robles shopping district

fenced off with a picture someone hung on the fence showing what

Pan Jewelers looked like with it's clock tower prior to the earth quake.



Paramedics along with other rescue personal attending to injured earth quake victims



Couple in an emotional embrace after learning of two Holiday Christmas shoppers being

killed by the December 22, 2003 San Simon Earth Quake that devastated

much of the downtown portion of Paso Robles Shopping area.



Pan Jewelers owner being hugged by friend after seeing his building

laying in ruins with two people said to be dead under the ruble.



Reporter doing  live broadcast from the damaged earth quake site in down town Paso Robles



Night crew rescue workers securing quake damage area on  in the down town

business district of Paso Robes, California.



Fire Chief bingeing interviewed by press