CDF, County Fire Rescue personal use the jaws of life to free the driver from

his big rig that over turned on HWY 101 near Paso Robles, ca.



County Fire personal pictured carrying injured traffic accident victim up the embankment

after the driver lost control of her car near HWY 46 West and HWY 101.


Sheriff Deputy appears to be angry with himself after loosing control of his

unit while pursuing a fleeing suspect in the rain near San Luis Obispo, Ca.


Paso Robles Police arrest suspect following a pursuit when suspect crashed

his vehicle near Santa Barbara Road in Atascadero..Tom Way, Fireman with

Atascadero Fire Department looks on while suspect is being placed under arrest.



Pismo Beach Police officer pictured taking burglary suspect

into booking at Pismo Beach Police Department.



Paso Robles Police Officers pictured restraining suspect after a short foot pursuit in paso Robles, Ca.


Assault victim points out the person who assaulted him earlier

to deputies as officers contain and search suspects.



Grover City Police Detective holds shooting suspect at gun point after he

exits his residence in Grover City after a short stand off with police.

Sheriff Deputy holds brandishing suspects down

on the ground at gun point in Avila beach, Ca.

after their vehicle was stopped on Avila Road.




Exhausted fire fighters fall out on the gravel portion of the road near the top of Cuesta Grade

in San Luis Obispo County, Ca. after fighting the HWY 41 Fire without sleep for two days.

This photo went world wide after being submitted to United Press International for distribution.


San Luis Obispo Police officer Jerry Lenthaugh was forced to place this suspect

in restraints after being captured following a pursuit, as he would not stop resting.

Bounty Hunter


Pismo Beach Police officers place assault suspect under arrest

following a bar fight in downtown Pismo Beach, Ca,


CDF, County Fire along with Paso Robles Fire Department all worked for the better part of an hour

to free this trapped accident victim, this after a pick up truck  that was raised up with lifting blocks ran

over the top of the vehicle. The roof had to be removed from the car and use of the jaws of life were

utilized to exercate this young female driver who was taken to a local hospital with moderate injuries.



California Highway Patrol captured a fleeing suspect after the driver lost control

of his car during a pursuit. Atascadero Fire Department and CDF were called to

assist in removing the victim from his car after if went over an embankment

near Atascadero on HWY 101 and Santa Barbara Road.








Pic 1. A female motorist hit a tree after loosing control of her speeding vehicle on a back road in rural Paso Robles, Ca..Paramedics made a valiant effort in rendering first aid, but to no avail. According to police, it's reported she was driving under the influence of alcohol when she lost her life.

Pic 2. Pictured sitting in a field of tall weeds is a young man who had been ejected from his over turned pick up truck, it's obvious he wasn't wearing his seatbelt at the time of this accident.

Pic 3. Pictured is a young accident victim being cared for by paramedics and Arroyo Grande Fire Department Personal.  Police say that the girl was a passenger in a car, that for unknown reasons went off the road and in doing so, hit a tree with a portion of a branch went through the upper portion of her body and exiting out her back. She remained conscious throughout the ordeal and transported to Arroyo Grande Hospital and then taken to Sierra Vista Hospital In San Luis Obispo.


Laying In Wait!  Downed helicopter on Thompson Road in Nipomo, Ca.

The injured pilot said he was bringing his family up to the central coast for dinner from Los Angeles when

something went wrong with his helicopter, causing it to crash. Fortunately there were no serious injuries.


These California Highway Patrol Officers are looking into an automobile

that contains a young teenager who lost his life in a tragic traffic accident.


County Fire and San Luis Obispo County Sheriffs personal work to

free this young female from her twisted wreckage.